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Professionally maintaining your HVAC system and taking measures to keep it running smoothly year round, can help you save money and can also solve minor problems before they become major ones. 

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Here at HMHC, we offer a preventative maintenance program to help keep your home comfortable year round.  If you become a member, we will provide maintenance on each of your HVAC systems once or twice a year (depending on what you choose), and try to prevent costly repairs.  Regular check-ups will help to maximize the life expectancy of your system; unfortunately, even the best maintenance won't prevent normal wear and tear.

Membership Cost is: $75 per unit, per visit.  Visits can be made once or twice per year, depending on the customers choice.

Guarantee & additional terms:

1. HMHC guarantees our parts and labor for 30 days. All manufacturer's guarantees vary.

2. Any additional service work required beyond the preventative maintenance or by separate service call will be billed at our normal service rate, less 5%. The service call and parts will be billed at standard rates with a 5% discount.

3. HMHC preventative maintenance agreement will be automatically renewed each year unless either party cancels the agreement. No written notice is required.

4. Our warranties do not cover acts of God, utility company service, acts of vandalism, or improper use of equipment.

Maintenance coverage:

  1. Check cooling/heating system for proper operation

  2. Change/clean customer provided air filter as needed

  3. Inspect general condition of the system

  4. Tighten electrical connections at equipment

  5. Check start capacitors and all mechanical components

  6. Test equipment control systems

  7. Test compressor protection device

  8. Check current draw of compressor

  9. Check refrigerant operating pressure

  10. Check exposed equipment and pipes for leaks

  11. Check compressor function

  12. Check and clean indoor and outdoor coil.

    1. Brush or water clean if needed for no additional fee

    2. If liquid cleaners needed, indoor coil fee $30, outdoor fee $150

  13. Clean drain line

    1. tablet cleaner: $25 fee

    2. clean by pressure: $30 fee

  14. Add drain line cleaner as needed

Additional services for gas furnace only:

  1. Test gas valve

  2. Test safety devices

  3. Test limit switches

  4. Test combustion draft motors

  5. Check pilot and burner assembly for proper operation

  6. Check connection of vent pipe at furnace

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